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Interactive spatial or image linked to data profile

It is useful because it improves the user experience allowing them to navigate through an image view to the data they want to see for a particular area of their site rather than knowing the name of the profile that they need to go to in order to a...
2 months ago in  0 Needs review

Images for dashboards

Would like to be able to add images to dashboards so that a user can see where sensors are located that plotted on the dashboard. Even better would be an interactive image where you could click on the sensor icon and be taken to a data profile.
2 months ago in  0 Needs review

Manual Upload of Single Data Point

Currently there is an option to "Upload Observation" on a given sensor, but it is tied to current date/time. Allow for user to select observation date/time to upload manually-collected data from previous site visit without going through full data ...
4 months ago in  0 Needs review

Export edit configuration sensor details over API

This idea was submitted by Assaf Wunsch with SRK Consulting: "I want to reiterate again how useful it would be to have an option to export or API into the various settings on the Portal. For example, ground elevation, installation depth, the vario...
4 months ago in  0 Needs review

Battery Indicator on Connection Summary Card

It is useful because some clients do not realize that their Thread is offline because the battery has died or has gone into power saver mode. This would be a quick indicator. (see appended sample)
5 months ago in  0 Needs review

4h of sampling interval for Geonets and RST devices

User wants to be able to select 4h of sampling interval for instruments such as Geonets and RST VW loggers.
7 months ago in  0 Needs review

Realtime Dummy Sensor Data

Dummy sensor data is good but it's static and doesn't update. We need a dynamic dummy data source. We can control the type of data (piezometers, load cells, temperature, RH, rain fall, etc.) and control the update frequency (hourly, daily, etc.).
8 months ago in  1 Needs review

Be able to change the colors of graph lines

Right now the lines of graphs are a default color. It is useful for us to be able to change the colors.
8 months ago in  1 Needs review

Ability of sorting Tabular data in profiles and reports

Client wants to sort data from oldest to newest in Tables profiles and reports (under graph sections).
8 months ago in  0 Needs review

Power Schedule Summary

I would like a dashboard card or another way to have a quick overview of the power schedules running on Threads across a project. The IoT Dashboard shows connectivity at a glance but there is no easy way to view a summary of power schedules. Often...
8 months ago in  0 Needs review